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Wilson Surveying Company Inc. was founded in 1990 by Rick Wilson to offer surveying services to the development community in Greene County and the surrounding areas. Our clients range from individual land and homeowners to municipalities  and design firms, we have worked on a wide variety of projects. Our team consists of two professional land surveyors, a professional engineer, and highly experienced support staff, who are skilled in traditional surveying practices and equipped with GPS technology. We keep ourselves updated with the latest surveying technology and use the latest versions of computer-assisted design.

We take a professional approach to our survey services, starting with land title record research to identify any title issues that might affect the project. We conduct a thorough search for previous surveys, and we review any available mapping for factors that may guide the work. We create a work plan to guide the staff assigned to the project and to optimize the level of effort invested in it. Our fieldwork exceeds the standards set by the Missouri Standards for Property Boundary surveys and/or the ALTA / NSPS standards.

Our office at 1835 S Stewart Ave Suite 24
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