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Land Planning Professionals


Land Planning

Site Planning
At Wilson Surveying we believe that the built environment affects the life style of each individual who moves through it. Our job is to make that effect as positive as possible. We believe that we should design to accommodate the pedestrian to the greatest extent possible,
without negatively impacting vehicular traffic. We believe that we should design to avoid barriers to social interaction and movement within the built environment.

Administrative Compliance
The cities and counties within our base service area regulate land division / ownership and land use. We maintain working knowledge of those regulations and the procedures associated with obtaining permits to complete the actions desired by our clients. Because we are familiar with the regulations and the staff interpretations of those regulations, it is often in the client’s best interest to meet with us prior to meeting with City / County staff members. We can help our clients plan their actions to take best advantage of the regulations and processes in place at the location of their land. In other words, we can help our clients achieve their goals with the least cost and effort.


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