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Civil Engineer


Wilson Surveying is seeking an additional Civil Engineer. This is an entry level

position, but we believe in tailoring jobs to individual skill sets; experienced

engineers interested in our services should contact us.

The Company is focused on services associated with land development, including

stormwater management, commercial & multi-family site layout and grading

design, single family subdivision design, utility extensions, services responding to

planning and zoning regulations, property boundary surveying and other private

sector services.

The successful candidate will be given opportunities to contribute to all of the

above areas of work, including field survey work. Employees who are interested

are encouraged to become licensed in their fields, and are encouraged to

participate in continuing education, professional and technical societies, and

public service.

Qualified candidates will have a Civil Engineering Degree, Computer Aided Design

and Drafting (CADD) skills, knowledge of survey equipment such as total stations

and GPS receivers, knowledge of survey computations, and a desire to design

places that improve the quality of life. All employees are expected to take

responsibility for the quality of their work on a daily basis and to increase their

skills over time.

Expected hours: 40 per week


 8 hour shift

 Day shift

 Monday to Friday


 AutoCAD Civil 3D or Carlson: 1 year (Preferred)

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