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Immediate Job Openings

Civil Engineer

Wilson Surveying focuses on Development Engineering and related services. The Engineer will complete development site design, grading, Stormwater Management, Stormwater Control Measure design, and utility extensions. In addition, the Engineer will work with clients and regulators to complete projects, as well as producing drawings and other documents necessary to the project. Surveying and drafting activities are available within the firm to supplement the productive capability of the Engineer.
     The Engineer will be encouraged to build relationships with potential clients, and to develop business other than Development Engineering. Proficient use of Civil 3D is a must. A Bachelors's degree in Engineering is a must, Civil preferred, and Profession Engineer Registration preferred. If not currently registered, the ability to become registered is a requirement. Salary open, depending on background and skills. Ownership in the firm is possible now or in the future.

Land Surveyor

Wilson Surveying focuses on Land Title / Boundary Surveys and Land Development Services. The Professional Land Surveyor is expected to manage surveys and to complete research, fieldwork, and record drawing production, using Field Technicians and Survey
Technicians to the extent they are available.
Missouri PLS License or the ability to become licensed by reciprocity is required. Having completed part of the experience and education requirements is essential. The ability to use Civil 3D is preferred, but Carlson software ability is acceptable; drafting ability is essential. The ability to supervise technicians is essential. The ability to supervise other professionals is desirable.
     Compensation will be commensurate with the professional’s skill set, up to approximately $75,000 per year. Partial ownership in the firm now or in the future is possible, for the right candidate. The Surveyor will be encouraged to build relationships with clients and regulators, and to seek new business. The Surveyor is expected to perform fieldwork and drafting/office work. The ability to perform both is essential to the position. The ability to manage Survey Projects, with minimal direction, is essential.

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Survey Crew Chief
At Wilson Surveying a Survey Crew Chief is expected to manage the survey technicians assigned to fieldwork, and to take responsibility for the vehicles and equipment used by the field crews, to minimize time lost to vehicle and equipment failure and repair. That includes testing the tools to assure proper adjustment, etc. The vehicles are expected to be clean and neat to demonstrate the company's image. Wilson expects to provide minimal supervision, and expects that one of the Professional Surveyors will supervise the Survey Crew Chief’s professional work.
     In addition to the above, the Survey Crew Chief is the company’s face in the field. Wilson expects proper attire, compliance with safety standards, and courteous interaction with the public. Public relations is important to the company’s future and reputation, and the Survey Crew Chief is expected to improve the company’s reputation at every opportunity. Top-quality fieldwork is also expected, which includes excellent notes and digital records of the work.           

     The Survey Crew Chief must have outstanding ability to read engineering drawings as well as familiarity with Public Land Survey records and the language of deeds and other legal documents. The ability to use Civil 3D or Carlson software to produce survey drawings is a plus. The Survey Crew Chief is expected to know the scope of the work, and to understand when the client requests (in the field) work beyond the scope. The Survey Crew Chief represents the company in those circumstances and is expected to complete a reasonable level of work after discussing additional fees, and to schedule additional work that is not reasonable to complete while in the field that day.


At Wilson Surveying, a Survey Technician applies digital field data and paper field notes to create a first draft survey drawing using a Cadd template. Working with one of the Professional Surveyors or the Senior Survey Technician to determine the proper location of the boundaries of the tract, the Survey Technician develops the final survey drawing. Experienced Survey Technicians are expected to conduct records research, write boundary descriptions and assist in the field from time to time. A Survey Technician who desires to become a Professional Surveyor will receive encouragement and support.
     An applicant will be expected to have AutoCadd or Civil 3D skills. They should have an ability to discuss and understand geometric and trigonometric principles, as necessary, to understand the field digital files and field notes, and boundary determination. The applicant should have a desire to rapidly improve his or her skill set.

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