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Who We Are!

Wilson Survey Company Inc.

The firm has expert experience in the following services:

·         Civil engineering planning and design services for water systems

·         Wastewater systems

·         Streets and stormwater management, including sewer system evaluation services

·         System hydraulic modeling and design of facilities to correct issues within these systems

·         Right of Way surveys

·         ALTA / NSPS Land Title surveying or property boundary surveying

·         Topographic surveying and mapping

·         Preliminary engineering surveys

·         Route surveying (project design surveys)

·         Construction surveys

·         Ancillary services related to land development planning, zoning, design, and development.

Wilson Surveying has provided design survey data for innumerable survey projects in the Springfield market area for over 35 years. The firm is prepared to provide quality surveying support for your engineering projects. We look forward to providing your survey needs in the future.

Land Planning Professionals

At Wilson Surveying we believe that the built environment affects the life style of each individual who moves through it.....



Civil Engineering Professionals

The work Wilson Surveying does includes hydrology (to determine the volume and rate of stormwater runoff); hydraulics (to determine the sizes and flow characteristics of the stormwater conveyance system......



Surveying Professionals

At Wilson Surveying our focus is on land title surveys and property rights. We take the wording
of deeds seriously.....

A Survey is a Legal Document!!!



1835 S. Stewart Suite 124 Springfield, MO 65804


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